My Projects

What normal people call "Portfolio". I like to call it my "Adventures"

NightSurvive - LD32
A game I made for the LudumDare GameJam. It is a Survive/Platformer game made using Unity in 48hours - code, graphics, sounds and music included.
Fnac Books - Team Project
An application made as a team project (4 students - one week) that simulates what could be a "book shop" software, developed in C#.
Voxel Engine
A Java/LibGDX Game Engine currently in development, aiming at making Voxel-Styled games like Minecraft
A* Pathfinding Demo - Website
A simple website showing my implementation of the A* Pathfinding Algorithm that I made using HTML5 / JS
TripAdvisor - Team Project
A Website that I designed as a Team Project (5 students - two months), allowing the user search for a restaurant

And there's more coming, stay tuned !