Olivier PINON
Multi-Platform Developer

My Adventures

What normal people call "Portfolio". I like to call it my "Adventures"

A* Pathfinding Demo - Website
A simple website showing my implementation of the A* Pathfinding Algorithm that I made using HTML5 / JS
A Website that I designed as a Team Project, allowing the user search for a restaurant
Voxel Engine
A Java/LibGDX Game Engine currently in development, aiming at making Voxel-Styled games like Minecraft

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My SuperPowers

How to describe my powers, what I'm capable of ? Well maybe you could say that I am ...

Fast as The Flash
Precise as The Arrow
A Teamworker like The Legends of Tomorrow
Tough as Superman
Techy as The Atom
Cool as Batman

Honnest rating of my powers

Create softwares
Scripting applications / Add-ons
Create Mobile Applications
Create Websites Front-End
Create Websites Back-End
Administrating / Creating Databases
Modeling Systems
UML Merise

The Languages I speak

Je peux parler Français
Native Language
I can speak English
B2 Level
Ich kann Deutsch sprechen
B1 Level
I can speak Kryptonian
Just kidding, I'm not Superman

About me

Want to learn more about my not-so-secret identity ?

Because Superheroes also have a normal life, you can find information about me "under the hood"

Olivier PINON

8 August 1997 (19 years old)

Annecy, France


Here's what I do when I dont save the world of awfully-designed Websites, buggy Apps, or bad softwares

I play the Guitar and I create EDM Music
Video Games
I'm a PC Gamer
Series / Comics
I love Comics and Series
I play Handball at the University
I'm a Children's Camp Instructor during Summer
I'm a globetrotter

If you wonder where a SuperHero like me is studying, or what diploma I have, well here's your answer

DUT Informatique

IUT d'Annecy
University Savoie-Mont-Blanc
Annecy-le-Vieux, France

2015 - Present

Studying IT : Web & Software Developement, Databases, Modeling, Algorithms, Networking, Operating Systems. And there's more ! English, Maths, Communication, Economy, Management, Law

BAFA (diploma taken to be a children's camp instructor)



This diploma allows me to go in Summer Camps with childrens. Why ? Because Superheroes loves action, and taking care of people.

French Baccalaureate SSI (High School diploma specialized in science and computer engineering) with honors

Albanais High School
Rumilly, France

2013 - 2015

Studying Scientific Subjects : Engineering & Algorithms, Physics, Chemistry, Math And other stuffs : English, French, French History, Philosophy, ...

Want to learn more about my various work experiences ? Here it is !

Software Developer

2016 - 2017

University of Savoy - Annecy, France

Creating an IDE for Coq Proof Assistant

Children's Camp Instructor

Summer 2015 & 2016

FOL74 - Annecy, France

Creating activities and taking care of children

And I'm looking for more !

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What do you need me for ?

You can find my Comic here (paper-format résumé)


If you need to be sure, just ask these people. They know how well I do my job !

Stephanie Bouchon - English Teacher, IUT Annecy-le-Vieux - Annecy, France

Luc Damas - IT Teacher, IUT Annecy-le-Vieux - Annecy, France